About Me

I grew up listening to hip-hop, and I learned the power words had to evoke certain emotions, and to educate people about the different issues affecting our communities today. As an educator, I also observed that kids love rhymes, which is why Dr.Seuss is still endearing to children after all these years. That is when it hit me. Why not take advantage of children’s preference for rhymes, to create stories which educate them about things they may not necessarily read about on their own, including science, nutrition, health, and love of self. DaWit Publishing LLC emerged out of the need for books addressing these topics, and issues for our children.

Why the name DaWit Publishing?

Since hip-hop sparked my interest in poetry and rhymes, it was only right that I pay homage to my hip-hop roots, by naming the company after my pen name Micah DaWit. My hope is that you and your family will not only thoroughly enjoy our stories but learn from them as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as an educational vehicle, to address critical areas affecting youth in our world today, including apathy in regards to science education, poor health and the obesity epidemic, and issues with self- perception.

Issue 1 - I Hate Science

Student apathy in the sciences have created a huge achievement gap between the United States and foreign countries, which are producing many more scientists, engineers, and other technologically savvy graduates than the United States. Many of our kids “hate” science, because they believe the concepts posed by this discipline are too difficult to grasp. Hence by the time they reach high school, their years of built up frustration with this subject manifest itself in poor or mediocre grades, and overall disinterest. If we do not appeal to the “Little scientist” in our kids at early stages of academic development, we run the risk of experiencing a “technological shut-down”, and becoming obsolete in an ever changing competitive global economy.

Issue 2 – The SARDN Phenomenon

In a technologically saturated world, with the ever increasing influence of all forms of media, kids are now exposed to more information than any other generation in human history. This has resulted in phenomenon I call the SARDN(Sitting Around Doing Nothing) phenomenon (pronounced sardine since many of our young people are reminiscent to those little fish in a can that just lay there motionless). Outside of technology based pursuits (cell phones, computers, video games etc.) our youth seldom move anything besides their phalanges (fingers) to text, swipe or move their video game controllers. To further compound this situation, young people are eating out more than ever, and as a result their waistlines are getting bigger and bigger. This has resulted in the obesity epidemic plaguing our society, where approximately 33% of our kids are either overweight or obese, and are in poor health.

Issue 3 – I Will Never Be Good Enough

Because of media brainwashing, and overexposure to societal images of “beauty and perfection” many youth have developed inferiority complexes, and low self-esteem, because they cannot attain the aesthetical ideals shown in the media. Our young people (in particular those from minority groups) are inundated with images of beauty and physical appearance that don’t reflect the diversity inherent in our society. This has led to an increase in depression, and suicide rates among youth.

Dawit Publishing – We Are The Problem And We Are The Solution

Many kids no longer read because they find it boring, or not as appealing as watching TV or using their cell phones. That’s where we come in. DaWit Publishing Company addresses these complex issues, with books and educational material that Explicate, Stimulate and Motivate young people to read in a simple, fun, relatable way. Our books will “Teach Young Minds through Science and Rhymes”, assist kids in “Keeping in Dynamic Shape”, and will show kids that “to be Happy, Healthy, and Successful as can be, you first have to start with the words I Love Me.” Our hope is that we can enlighten and enrich the lives of young people and their families with the power of words.

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